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Last Friday, being the 10th of February, Trident eSports acquired the SSU CSGO roster. This left SSU eSports without a CSGO team. Fortunately for us, there was a talented squad of players looking for an organisation. The 707 Say It Backwards squad is currently competing in CyberGamer Intermediate and ESEA Open. Already putting some good results in on the open ladder and practising as hard as they can for the CyberGamer ladder, it was easily decided that SSU should try and pick them up. Samapa approached the team asking if they would be interested, fortunately for us. They were.

I would like the introduce the SSU CSGO roster for S1 of 2017:


The squad seem eager to get started under the SSU name and we are excited to have them! They face Incept on the ESEA open ladder a few days from now, come support the boys by following their twitter! If you want to keep up to date with everything SSU head over to @NETWORKSSU for the latest tweets. Lets go boys! #SSUup

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SSU Admin

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