Established in 2015, SSU ORGANISATION is home to multiple games across multiple devices. We have set a goal to become the next leading eSports organisation in the ANZ region, every day we come closer to achieving our goal. SSU started as a small clan of mates playing the online FPS shooting BattleField 4. The story follows. Time with SSU is time with a family. Those who join are forever welcome. You can be a player, a staff member or just apart of the community together. They will always be apart of the SSU family. 

SSU is only what it is because of other peoples hard work. It is too much to do by yourself, today the original members of SSU aren't with us. I am the only founder left. But the only way we could be where we are today is because of the hard work close friends, talented players and hard working individuals put in. Below is a short story of the events leading up to my decision to start an eSports team, the hard work people close to me put in. This fell into my lap, but every day I give my 110% to make it as a leading eSports organisation. To those who help me now, those who have helped me in the past or anyone in the future. Thank you. 

Our History

My name is Samapa, well I am Samuel Palmer, Samapa is a online personality I played on YouTube. I want to tell the story of where SSU started, and what it is to me. I started this clan with two other mates; John and Mason. We talked at school, John has always been a chill guy so he just did his own thing but me and Mason planned. We researched and we got excited in the middle of class, all we did was talk SSU. I finally decided that it was time to use TeamSpeak as a way of communicating. It was around this point that Mason told us all about his dad, Jordo. Together myself, Mason, Jordo and sometimes John would play Battlefield 4 and DayZ together. After us dominating public lobbies my awesome brother Toby decided he wanted to play along with us, so he did. It was at this moment that we found ourselves with first official members of the SSU Gaming Clan. Of course, at this point, we were only on the Battlelog site for Battlefield 4 and our steam names had SSU before them. After our rain over Battlefield 4 public lobbies, we thought, maybe it's time to play some ESL. For those who follow gaming leagues, ESL is the top of the top. After getting up one morning at 3am before school to play an ESL-A match against some EU players we thought, yeah nah. Gotta be an easier way to handle this. So we researched and found ACL the Australian Cyber League. We had our first match and got smashed, John timed out and we needed to find a replacement. So that's when we found a little kid who was the single greatest thing to happen to this clan, Dale. To this day I don't know what his last name is, I am not sure exactly what he looks like and I am not sure if Dale is his actual name. Regardless we had recruited one more member. At this point, Dale was a shy little kid (actually 15 or 16) who didn't talk much. But SSU now had a team of five close mates playing Battlefield 4. Dale and Mason got close together buying one of our most active games today, CSGO. I went on to pursue my Call Of Duty Amateur career on the Xbox One. Mason to CO-Owner at the time asked if we could make a steam page so we could have a clan tag, pretty sweet idea. So we did. Dale went on the recruit 50 members in the early stages of the steam page as Mason focused on looking a competitive CSGO team. At this point Mason and Dale teamed up with other Nova Ones alike and took on the CyberGamer ladders, they failed miserably but I was still very proud of what they achieved.

We started the see Masons dad less and less as we merged into CSGO but he still came into the TeamSpeak to chill and play when we had the time. It was around this point two more of my close mates joined the clan and wanted to help in a management position, bringing new ideas and commitment to the clan whilst the founders had already decided SSU was good enough. My passion grew more and more as my COD team played the CyberGamer season. Unfortunately, attempts for Dota, LOL and CSGO teams fell threw a little due to the lack of leading roles running our Steam page clan. Dale continued to grow our clan moving us into the 100 member mark. I felt proud and humbled to know a random member was trying so hard to grow something myself and a mate thought up at school one day, it was then that I made Dale admin of the steam page leaving Mason to be my CO-Owner. Everything was going great, I left COD after season two and join my clan members in CSGO. Things trotted along fine until early 2015 when I lost one of the funniest and best friends I've ever known, Mason. We had a disagreement over a school project for the love of god, but it happened and I lost my original CO-Owner and two mates with him.

In terms of the clan it wasn't the worst, thankfully it wasn't as established as it is now. Dale could be easily moved to CO-Owner, and putting Dale in this roll was the best decision I have ever made. Dale brought us to 300, 350, 400 and continued all the way to 1500 members. The kid I once picked up randomly in a shitty SSU Battlefield server had worked hard to develop a community of CSGO players. After growth and development, we appointed of a new admin Tucker. Tucker was amazing with art skills and in the hope, he would create new banners and logo I made him director of art.

After being in the CSGO MM scene for most of 2015, having some of the most fun I've personally had on CSGO, I decided to start our eSports organisation. I reached out to a player called Zaltasia, at the time I only picked him up because he was global. Along side him I picked a bunch of random GE MM players and that was the start of what we have today. There is a lot more to our story, but that was the start. We have achieved so much more I could have never of imagined as a high school kid, but right now is one of the most defining times of my life I think I'll ever have.